The 5 best reasons to sign up for a marriage workshop

Krista J Miller marriage workshop-2 copy.png
  1. Invest in your marriage, the easy and fun way.  Don’t wait until there is a crisis!  Make time for your spouse and have some fun in the process.  You wouldn’t invest in landscaping without watering it, our relationships need the same upkeep.  You probably spent more for your wedding cake….
  2.  Get more done in one day than in two months of weekly counseling.
  3.  Focused, guided learning over a 6-8 hour time frame will have more impact than distracted learning at home.
  4. Your spouse will feel loved and valued.
  5. Your kids see that your relationship is important and deserves attention, teaching them to do the same in the future.

and a bonus:  Free donuts!

Sign up today for my June 9th workshop, or put August or November on your calendar.  I'd love to have you join us!